Operation Management

Efficient maintenance

The aim of our maintenance services is to keep our customers’ equipment running smoothly and eco-efficiently. Regular professional maintenance helps to prevent breakdowns and increases equipment lifetime. In addition to ensuring a long equipment lifetime we strive to provide our maintenance services in an eco-efficient way. We do this through for example: Route-planning technology to optimize technicians ‘driving routes, thereby reducing emissions. Wireless technology and remote monitoring solutions to provide technicians with real-time information, which enables better planned maintenance visits and reduces the number of unnecessary call-outs.

Eco-efficient construction

Sigma installs thousands of elevators each year. Our aim is to ensure that our installation services are carried out in an eco-efficient way. Examples of our efforts in this area are: Efficient installation processes and methods that reduce the number of technicians required on site and the environmental impacts of traveling. Clearly defined site requirements that need to be fulfilled before installation starts, eliminating unnecessary site visits. Environmentally efficient waste handling on site, using separate containers for hazardous, metal, electrical, wood, and mixed waste.


Eco-efficiency in logistics is achieved by optimizing the distribution network, maximizing the use of environmentally efficient modes of transport, optimizing delivery loads to maximize the use of space, and centralizing volumes at strategic suppliers to reduce transport distances. In addition SIGMA SHANGHAI uses advanced, ISO 14000-certified logistics service providers who follow environmentally friendly principles of operation.